Campbell Road Bridge Reopens

The new Campbell Road bridge over the CSX railroad tracks in Smyrna is now open according to city council sources.

The bridge was closed six months ago for demolition and replacement in a project funded through the 2005 SPLOST program. The new bridge has a higher weight limit of 72,000 lbs. designed to accommodate large trucks or military vehicles. The new bridge also has sidewalks and a bicycle lane as well as new lighting.

City Councilman Wade Lnenicka reports he was the first to cross the new bridge at 2:28 p.m. Saturday.

“I had driven to the bridge site to check on the progress of today’s work. Yesterday the city authorized the contractor to work today in order to take advantage of nice weather before tonight’s rain moved in,” Lnenicka said. “As I pulled up, workers were removing the barricades on Campbell Road. When I asked a worker if I could cross the bridge, he said yes and that I would be the first to cross it. I drove over the bridge. I was very pleased to see how it looked and functioned.”

“Although the bridge is open, I believe there will still be a few minor items for the contractor to complete. You may see workers at the site for a little longer (depending on the weather). Please enjoy the new bridge that your SPLOST dollars made possible. The new bridge is attractive, safer, and will last many decades to come,” Lnenicka said.