South Cobb Redevelopment Gets $10 Million Boost

Redevelopment plans for South Cobb got a boost recently as the county approved issuance of the $10 million South Cobb Redevelopment Authority Revenue Bonds and results of a branding study were presented.

The revenue bonds will be utilized for infrastructure improvements and to purchase properties inside the 2,800-acre Six Flags Special Services Tax District for redevelopment purposes. The property owners within the District will be assessed an additional 3.5 mills on their property to fund the annual debt service of the revenue bonds. The District encompasses the southern tip of the county to just north of Interstate 20.

The authority has approved a list of projects that can be funded through a special tax district for the Six Flags Area of South Cobb by May 2018. The purpose of these projects is to help the community by investing in ways to improve the sense-of-place and business climate in this area of Cobb County.

Redevelopment will include property acquisition, property abatement, relocation assistance, land preparation and property disposition.

Improvements at off ramps of I-20 by April 2017; Landscape improvements Six Flags Drive from Riverside Parkway to Lee Industrial by December 2018; Landscape improvements Six Flags Parkway Six Flags Over GA to Lee Industrial by December 2018.

Other projects that may be pursued if money is available include Lightning Improvements Six Flags Drive from Riverside Parkway to Lee Industrial and Six Flags Parkway Six Flags Over GA to Lee Industrial.

In a presentation at the August meeting, Charleston-based Slant Media, Inc. gave the results of the branding survey and offered several message topics.

“The majority of positive feedback was focused on the narrative of ‘Welcoming communities, endless opportunities.’”

The survey found a common theme of diversity as a positive highlight by residents and non-residents. On the other hand, the perception of arts and culture varied with residents noting pride in the arts and culture scene while non-residents cited a lack thereof.

The branding study and related marketing work is not paid out of the bond funds.

The survey measured quality of life, potential, proximity and amenities. Overall, the respondents agreed that the area is surrounded by possibilities and opportunities.

The message “Conveniently located, South Cobb is a welcoming community with unlimited potential for families, activities and business,” was shortened to a theme of “Welcoming Communities, Endless Opportunities.”

From the October 2015 issue of The Bright Side, Cobb County Georgia’s Newspaper covering Smyrna, Vinings, Mableton, Powder Springs and Austell, GA.